Friday, June 1, 2012


I know I promised a recipe, but lately after putting the first issue of sated to bed, I've been in a bit of a slump, not being 100% satisfied with anything that's coming out of my kitchen or camera experiments. Like, meyer lemon and mandarin orange bars, which were too sweet or had a weird consistency each time I tested the recipe, or lavender caramel and goat cheese brownies, which were great the few times I've made them but never fully satisfying (I think the goat cheese is just too much for me). So, alas, here are a few places you can get your desserts for breakfast fix in the meantime:

>> sated magazine previews are up on the magazine's blog here and here.
>> I did an interview with Lulu at Voyage Gourmand a while back. Here it is--translated into French! (for the English version, scroll down in the link.)
>> Anita Chu and I are giving a talk about food photography trends and style in the current blogosphere next weekend at BlogHer Food in Seattle. If you'll be there (or even in the area), stop by and say "hi" and ask us tough questions about food photography and watch us sweat as we try to answer them. :)

More experimenting in the kitchen this weekend: wish me better luck and success than I've had recently!


  1. Oh Sorry to hear, that things aren't going quite as you wish for - I hope the best for you and good luck, and have a wondeful weekend.

  2. I think the bumps in the creative process only give birth to new discoveries; persevere on and it will all come together!  I too am a writer and photographer and find what you've described from time to time.  All has seemed aligned and flowing then come hiccups.  It always works out but is certainly discouraging at the time!  I've just order a copy of Sated.  The cover is stunning and the content contributors substancial. Can't wait to get it!  Your work is beautiful.

  3. ok this photo is amazing. when we get together we need to bang out the backgrounds fast so you can teach me all your styling/lighting tricks :)


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