Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Postcards: Autumn in Yosemite

It's amazing that I've been out here, near Yosemite for a year now. I recently took a few friends on trips into the park and realised that I'd seen every season this year around Yosemite Valley, and the changes are just gorgeous to witness. Each season is just totally different: cloudy blankets of snow and fog in the winter, roaring waterfalls and exploding dogwood in the spring, dry moss padding underfoot in the summertime, and heavily slanted sunsets and blue-orange-black-browns in the fall.

Here are some photos I managed to capture the past few times in the park. Several visitors are coming in for November, so I'm extra excited to get to see the park at the autumn-winter transition this year.

Get outdoors! Breathe deep! Stand silently at the topmost point and dream.