Thursday, March 19, 2015

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie for the Ultimate Pi Day

This past weekend was the Ultimate, Once-In-A-Lifetime Pi Day. And so I emerged from my baking hibernation to celebrate, because one only encounters 3-14-15 @ 9:26:53am once in a lifetime. It's a nerd holiday, okay?

One of my favorite pie ingredients is rhubarb, and so for the occasion, I made a raspberry-rhubarb pie--or is it a rhuspberry pie? raspbarby pie? rhupberry pie? raspbarb pie?

Whatever you want to call it, the Pi pie was divine, encompassing all the wonderful sweet and tart conundrum of flavors that rhubarb is so well-known for, accompanied by a no-nonsense, lightly vanilla-scented, flakey pie crust. And to set the scene: red tulips, for the everlasting, irrational love of pi(e).

(Pi Pie Pan is available here. This one was sent to me as a promo a couple of years ago when the company was kickstarting; but I didn't get a chance to bust it out until this year. As is always the case on this blog, I wouldn't be telling you about something unless I use and love it myself.)

Read on for recipe...