photo by Toni Gauthier

^ That's me, Stephanie, a born and bred Bay Area, California native, food+travel photographer, and dessert designer.  Oh, and I also moondaylight as a cognitive scientist, using computational modeling to study the way speech sounds pattern (phonology) in natural language, poetry, and music.

This blog originally started as a random collection of photographs for food projects I'd undertaken, but then I started getting requests for actual recipes and was sucked into the wonderful world of food blogging.  Now, it's a great platform for me to test out and share new recipes, both by others and myself, with the world.  I like to think that it's a way for me to share my food with lots of people, which is one of the things that brings me the greatest joy in life.

Oh, and yes! I eat a lot of and almost solely desserts for breakfast. (and prefer my breakfast for dinner.)


For food photography or for prints of any of the images seen on this site, please contact me through my email listed below.


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