Friday, May 25, 2012

TGIF: summer memories, in film

When I went to Yosemite last year, I took along a disposable waterproof camera in addition to the dSLR. Since my dSLR isn't weatherproofed, I didn't want to ruin it when we climbed too close to the intense waterfall that was thundering about us last year due to heavy rains/snows. But, when we got home, I promptly forgot all about the disposable and didn't get the pictures developed until now--a year later!

I used to shoot a bit of film when I was a kid with an old half-frame camera that my dad gave me, but I'm very much a photographer who came of age in the digital medium, so it's been slow-going getting myself back into the analog formats. Of course, a disposable camera won't give you the best quality photos, but it is kind of fun to shoot willy-nilly, trusting only your instincts and not knowing how things will turn out until you retrieve the prints from the developer. The above photo of the trees is my favorite, but I couldn't resist also sharing some pictures of rainbows and misty waterfalls. :)

Back to recipes next week. This week was all about catching my breath after we finally sent the first issue of sated to the printer! Happy Weekend, all!


  1. Wow what a view. i love the rainbow and the light you have captured. Yes it is really hard to consider going back to the mystery of not knowing the photo you have taken till it is developed!

  2. Even with a disposable, you manage to capture beauty :)

  3. Great idea to bring a disposable camera with you!  Look at the fun pictures you came back with!

  4. Was in Yosemite this weekend and it was amazing. Love the first photo. Not too many dining options there though! Camping is likely the way to go as long as you bring everything with you. 

  5. Oh, I remember when we went to Yosemite years ago.  It was the first week long backpacking trip that we flew to.  I was grueling and I didn't think I was going to make but it was so very beautiful.  Your photos bring me back to that arduous but fulfilling trip!


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