Friday, May 8, 2015

Quick update, and a poll!

So, if you have ever wanted evidence of how incredibly strange and awkward of a person I am to interact with in real life, Gabriel Soh of The Dinner Special managed to catch me on video in a podcast interview! That should provide you with some laughs of schadenfreude as you appreciate me getting stumped with questions like, "what blogs do you follow now?" or "Who would you invite to dinner, if you could invite anyone in the world to dinner?"

(You'd think that these questions would be easy, but the head scratchers I'm used to thinking about regularly these days are usually of the type, "What's the best statistical analysis for this data?"!)

(Photo below from Gabriel Soh's podcast.)

In other news, I need your opinion! As summer rolls around, I've been thinking seriously about the future of this blog. I feel so appreciative to have this special space carved out on the internet on which to share snippets of food and photography with you all, but it's time for a bit of an evolution. So here's my question for you, for the next chapter of this blog:

How often would you prefer to see new posts on Desserts for Breakfast?

Finally, it's peony season!

(and P.S. I'll be back soon with a monster post about recent travels in Paris. Stay tuned.)


  1. Thanks so much for chatting with me Stephanie! It was fun to learn about how this wonderful space was started and where you are today with it. You were totally NOT strange or awkward, just plain cool and awesome! =)

  2. Whatever you end up deciding, I hope you continue to share things in this space...


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