Monday, April 14, 2014

The Merced River Valley

Work has been eating up literally all of my time lately, but I did manage to take a hike along the Merced River near Yosemite a few weekends ago. I went with the intention of wild-flower-spotting, but given the current California drought crisis, it's not the best year for wild flowers at all. Instead, I just enjoyed the green upon green, before the foliage quickly turns back to gold once the rains subside. Sometimes I forget whether California is the "Golden State" because of the old gold rush or instead as a euphemism for its rolling hills of dry, crisp vegetation in the vast majority of the year.


  1. I love this. Hiking is always a good way to pause during the busy times of life.

  2. I liked the view of the valley. It is so mesmerizing. Hiking has been my favorite pass time job.


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