Saturday, November 23, 2013

Interlude: Delfina's Pizza, San Francisco

A blogpost! gasp! Lots has been happening offline in the past few months of desserts for breakfast silence: the biggest news being that I defended my dissertation! (successfully!) Whew. Now, it's just a month or so of revisions, and then I will officially file to become a Doctor. :D

Alongside dissertation insanity, I also had two conference trips out to the East Coast within the same three week time span: basically it's been fly to Connecticut, give a talk, fly home, defend my dissertation, fly to Boston, give another talk, fly home, and then within a day's breather, move to LA for another month of research here. Some days I wake up, and for a long minute, I'm confused about where I am. But, to be honest, I kind of thrive on the insanity. I've lately grown to be a big believer in making one's own luck, so being busy making mine is a good thing. Rest can come after the luck is made. As we sometimes joke in academia: "That's what tenure is for." :)

In the meantime, though, I do miss home a bit. The people, mostly, but also the place. And, of course, the food. Like Delfina's. Seriously one of the best slices of pie on the face of this earth. The one pictured above is a fresh cherry tomato pie ("cherry pie" ;)) that my friend Toni introduced me to. It's like having fresh, almost creamy tomato gazpacho atop a perfectly chewy crust. It's pure magic how they get it to be so soupy and not soggy at the same time! Oh, and I'm obsessed with the tricolore salad at Delfina's, too.

Anyways, now that the dissertation finish line is almost in sight, I've finally allowed myself to pick up the camera again. And, as if the universe were rewarding me for doing good on the dissertation front, I've gotten the chance to do some awesome shoots in the past few weeks since my defense. Watch this space for more substantive posts, soon!


  1. Yum Delfinas! I've been reading your blog for a while but I guess I missed that you're also a San Francisco blogger! Congrats on being almost done with grad school!

  2. I love Delfina, especially their breadsticks! Have you ever eaten their clam pie?

  3. Hi Steph! How're you? I have been following your Insta photos and boy! those places you go to dine makes me salivate every single time. Delfina's certainly brings back fond memories. I still remember it so clear to this very day that I got to meet you. It's a pitty I didn't get to snap a photo with you.This was the place where I had my very first introduction to endive salad is truly an experience. I am a pizza kind of gal and must say I love their pizzas where the thickness of the crust is just right. Hope all is well and hopefully I will be able to travel across the world to visit San Francisco again. ♥ Jo


  4. Congrats on having the finish line in sight! I'm in the same boat with my last graduate school board exam. Whew! Although I'm a SoCal girl and not up North often, I looove Delfina's! Last time we were there, they squeezed us at the bar, so we could watch them make my "cherry pie" from scratch. I'm so hungry now!

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