Thursday, December 8, 2011

TGIF: on chips and language

It's not often that the three distinct worlds I seem to straddle--food, photography, and linguistics--happen to collide. But, it's happened! Dan Jurafsky, professor of linguistics at Stanford University, has just published a fascinating article with another researcher, Josh Freedman, in the latest issue of food journal-magazine Gastronomica on the use of language for marking social identity in the advertising of potato chips. And I have a little photography byline in the article. :) (Above is a photo I made for Dan's blog illustrating some of the basic concepts in the article. )

Read a summary of the article on Dan's blog Language of Food here, and then go check out the full-length article, with pictures by yours truly, in Gastronomica itself. (Those with academic access via a library subscription can access the article electronically via JSTOR here.) It'll make for some wonderful weekend morning reading!

On that note, happy weekend, all! I've got three holiday parties over the next four days. I don't know if I'll survive it all--someone might have to fish me out from beneath the inevitable mountains of powdered sugar and cookies come Monday.


  1. That was an awesome article, thanks for linking to Dan's blog!  Very interesting.  Too bad I don't have a JSTOR account any more, I would have loved to read the article.

  2. This is probably my favorite photo of yours.  I love Gastronomica, and as a philosophy grad, also love the collision of language and my other love, food!

  3. Love the still life with potato chips. That's so classic! LOL

  4. Interesting article! I have to admit I do fall into those fancy advertising, Kettle Brand being the chip brand I buy the most :).

  5. i love your food styling! great photos!


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