Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wait for it...

Getting less than six hours of sleep every night since September (and around three or four on average) is finally catching up to me, and I find myself falling asleep everywhere--walking, sitting, reading, writing, typing, blogging.  I have jet lag without ever having left the time zone!  (My friends and I have decided to coin the term "grad lag.")  Anyways, on that note, I'm forcing myself to bed "early" tonight in hopes of resetting my internal clocks, so the post I have planned for tonight will have to wait until the morning.  Until then, the sweetest of dreams to y'all!

For a peek of what's coming tomorrow, hop on over to flickr....


  1. Would that be a "peek" of what's to come? Or is flickr providing us with stiff peaks of delicious meringue?

    tiger"death to grad lag"mouse

  2. oooooo i am excitedddddddd! and all my wishes of sweet dreams and sleepysleep to you soon!

  3. @mariahg: ack, blurgh. stupid midnight grammar mistakes.


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