Friday, November 12, 2010

Ask away!

Isn't this the most precious little pumpkin you've ever seen?
"You have *got* to get back to blogging!" was the second thing the ever-fabulous Jun Belen said to me when I saw him tonight at a Bay Area Food Blogger's get-together ("So, did you wash your hair?!" was the first thing he said to me--it's a long story.).  And I know--I know!  But I've been stuck partying in random forests for the past few days, my head over-filled with statistics and code floating this way and that.  It's been weeks since I've set foot in the kitchen, I'm not kidding you.  My camera sits lonesomely on my photography table, gathering dust, completely untouched.  My reader feed is exploding with unread food blog posts from all over.  The only four places I even see anymore are the classroom, my office, the inside of my car, and my desk at home.  *sigh*  This weekend.  I don't care what I have to do--  I'm getting back in the kitchen and back behind the camera, for the sake of my sanity!  Thank you all for your incredible patience with me!

In the meantime, however, you can get a bit of a desserts for breakfast fix.  Joanna, from Chic Gorgeous, wrote me all the way from Malaysia one day with email interview questions, so check out my answers on her blog!  Then, I *think* (?) that I might be showing up in the December 2010 issue of ELLEgirl in Korea.  So, if you're in Korea, do me a favor and pick up a copy of the December ELLEgirl when it comes out and let me know if you spot my desserts in it? ( pretty please?)

On that note, I discovered that it's a bit fun and reflective (though perhaps a tad egotistical) to write about oneself every now and then, and in particular, I found it interesting to see what types of questions people like to pose in interview situations, to hear what other people are curious about.  So along this vein--and to make up for the fact that I've been absent so much, I'd like to open up the floor to you all, dear readers (if you're still out there!).  What are your questions for me?  Jot them down in the comments section to this post, and I'll answer them all throughout the coming weeks, along with proper recipes and desserts for everyone, I promise!

So, want to know what I'm making for Thanksgiving?  Ask away!  Want to know what I'm writing my dissertation about?  (good question, so do I!)  Want to know what "random forests" really are? (are you sure?)  Want to know if I really did wash my hair?

(This post is a total experiment, so come on, please don't leave me hanging here!)

Or, if you don't want to ask a question, just say pop in and say "hi!" :-)


  1. I'd love to know how you sparked an interest in photography. How long have you been doing it? What kind of equipment do you use? Do you prefer food or nature photography?

    Congrats on the Elle feature! Woo-hoo!!

    Also...why linguistics? How did you end up majoring in that?

  2. Congratulations on being featured in Elle!! That's awesome news!!

    It was lovely seeing you last night even if you didn't wash your hair :-) I totally get you when things just pile up and keep you way from the one true thing that keeps you sane and that you enjoy.

    Have you ever made doughnuts?

    Till Tartine, hope you take it easy...

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Do you listen to music when you cook? Or do you hum or sing something? I routinely get busted singing and dancing when I *think* I'm cooking alone.

  4. I found your blog through Cafe Fernando's post, he said you were one of his favorites so I had to check you out. And he wasn't wrong at all. I loved loved loved Cognac-caramel, pecan, and pear pudding cakes. Its on top of my list now. Your photographs are beautiful. Do you have any tips for taking photos at night? Thanks.

  5. Great meeting you!

    So your site is named beautiful desserts for breakfasts. How about desserts for dinner? What types of sweets could you transform into dinner?

  6. I love features like this..
    How did you learn photography? If you're self-taught, what was most effective for you when learning?

  7. What is on your menu for Thanksgiving?

    I'd ask you many other things, but this question's just so exciting to me right now. I've been frequenting your blog trying to see what I can incorporate into my own menu this Thanksgiving. Since you suggested the question yourself, I thought now's the chance to find out how you serve up Thanksgiving. =)

    Hope things lighten up for you!

  8. Well,hopefully you haven't answered these questions yet since I haven't gone through past posts yet,so I'll ask anyways...

    ~What is your fave cookbook?
    ~I would also love some photo tips....I have a kitchen with a small window but outside that window is a covered patio so I don't get much light,we have a door,too but same problem,we have a covered carport,so can I ever take good photos in my kitchen since I don't have good natural lighting?
    ~What is your fave dessert to make?
    ~Do you have any embarassing baking stories to share?
    ~Have you taken pics of your kitchen,if not,I'd love to see some. (I'll check your flickr photos in a minute,but I'm trying to think of ?'s to ask first.) :)
    ~If you could only have 1 spice in your kitchen cabinet,what would it be?
    ~What do you want to be when you grow up?
    ~Do you come from a family that likes baking/cooking?
    ~If you had a cookbook would you name it Desserts for Breakfast?
    ~Which dessert do your family & friends request the most from you?

    I guess that's all for now,hope to see more posts from you soon. :)

  9. a blog related question:

    I'm really NOT computer savvy, how do you set up a reader feed?

  10. I don't have any burning questions, but I wanted to say hi and let you know I love your gorgeous blog!

  11. You have tons of great recipes, but do you have fails too? How much experimenting do you have to do before the recipe comes out right?

  12. Elle! So cool!!!

    Question...What is your musical playlist for when you bake, if you're even into that kind of thing?

    Your blog makes me swoon, it is so beautiful. Just so you know :)

  13. I have a few!
    1. "Want to know what "random forests" really are? (are you sure?)" <-- Yes! I want to know!
    2. If you could only eat one flavour of icecream for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    3. Which one of your PoTW is your favourite?
    4. Which do you think is the best: Rice, Pasta, Bread, Potatoes?
    5. If I gave you $10,000 dollars to go on a holiday (and you could only spend it on the holiday) where would you go?
    6. What's on your shirt right now? (I'm assuming you are clothed at the computer I suppose).
    7. I know on your about page you said you don't know what you want to be in the future but have you gotten any closer to the answer?


  14. I have a couple of questions!

    1. Any tips for food photography? My biggest question is: how do you deal with lighting when it's not light out, or do you just avoid this altogether? (It's tough in winter!)
    2. Can you give more info on the Bay Area Food Bloggers get-together? I live in SF and would love to get more into food blogging (I'm off to a pitiful start but hope that my love of baking pushes me through). Is it open to anyone? Know of anything else that might be good for people like me in the area?

  15. Can you make an awesome vegan dessert for me? Chocolate preferred, but not required. I love your recipes, but it's not very easy to veganize them and a girl has gotta have dessert! :)

  16. Hi Stephanie! THANKS so much for mentioning a little about me in your post. I feel like I'm on cloud 9 right now..Lol.. It's great that now other bloggers alike who adores what you do get to know a little more about you. Shameless to say I'm one of your biggest FAN. >.< Well, I can't wait to always see what you come up with next. Happy baking and snapping away! Cheers..Jo

  17. Can you make an awesome vegan dessert for me? Chocolate preferred, but not required. I love your recipes, but it's not very easy to veganize them and a girl has gotta have dessert! :)

  18. You have tons of great recipes, but do you have fails too? How much experimenting do you have to do before the recipe comes out right?


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