Thursday, December 17, 2009

Double the fun with peppermint ganache!

Really, what are the holidays without peppermint and candy canes?

Peppermint molten chocolate cake
with dark chocolate-dipped candy canes

Okay--don't answer that.  That was rhetorical (and yes, I do remember what my high school English teacher said about rhetorical questions being a sign of horrible writing, and I apologize).  :-)

Anyways, along with the ginger carrot dark chocolate candies, I made peppermint dark chocolate candies as a more traditional holiday flavor for Christmas treats and gifts.  You know, just in case people snuff at the idea of carrots in their chocolate.

Peppermint dark chocolate ganache candies

But what to do with all of the leftover peppermint ganache?  Ah, here's where the genius comes in:

Pop a ball of ganache in the center of moist chocolate cake, bake in souffle molds, and voila!  Instant molten peppermint chocolate cakes.  And oh my, were these good straight out of the oven.  I made sure to call my friend, Lauren, over in time for the cakes to finish baking, just so I wouldn't have to scarf these all down myself.

The chocolate cake was so rich when it was still hot, and then when you get down to the bottom, there's just a thick layer of melted dark chocolate ganache, laced with cool peppermint.  It was divine.

Ah, but back to the peppermint ganache:

I mean, do I really have to convince you that these were good?

Wait--damn rhetorical questions.

Read on for recipe for peppermint chocolate ganache...  (chocolate cake recipe now available here.)

Peppermint dark chocolate ganache
makes enough to fill 48+ chocolate candies, or eat straight out of the bowl, or to make truffles by covering with cocoa powder, or to hide as molten centers in chocolate cake.  Use your imagination!

8 oz. dark chocolate, chopped
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
2 Tbpsn butter
1 tspn peppermint extract
2 tspn peppermint Schnapps
(If you don't have peppermint Schnapps or want to make a non-alcoholic version, add 1 whole Tbspn of peppermint extract and skip the Schnapps.)
20 mini candy canes, opt.

1. Place chopped dark chocolate in a medium heat-proof bowl.  Set aside.
2. In a food processor, finely process the mini candy canes, if using.  Set aside.
2. In a saucepan over medium-high heat, combine cream and butter.  Stir and bring to just barely a boil.
3. Remove the cream mixture from the heat and pour over the prepared dark chocolate.  Allow to sit for two to three minutes, then stir until the chocolate melts into the cream.
4. Stir in the peppermint extract and peppermint Schnapps, if using, and then stir in the processed mini candy canes.
5. Allow the ganache to set in the fridge overnight before use.


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  1. I love how you garnished these with the candy canes in a heart shape. Very creative and cute. I definitely believe that these were delish and only wish I could've had a taste 8).


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